A Beautiful Wedding In My Life

My wedding: an essay

Here is my opportunity to tell you about a beautiful essay I wrote for a wedding. Take me back to August 17th, 1999. It was a hot day, and I was eager to start my walk down the aisle. When I was just about to make my first step down the aisle, someone told me that there was no groom present. My mind was blown. We waited for the groom patiently. The ceremony began when he finally showed up. The wedding was beautiful despite the delay. The flowers and music were perfect. And the love we shared was palpable. Looking back, I cherish those memories and am grateful for that experience.

In the summer I met with my fiance downtown, outside the Piggly Wiggly. I was taking a break during my lunch hour. He never asked me to marry. He went to the popcorn stand when we were watching a movie. As he stepped out of the vehicle, he pulled a ring and said: “See if you can fit it”. We were engaged because the ring was a good fit. I wonder if we had gotten engaged if the ring was too small.

Our wedding date was set for the 6th of September. When my fianc decided to change the date to August 17, I already had my wedding dress and some arrangements made. I was forced to cancel my wedding gown order and start shopping for a new one. After much searching, I finally found my dream wedding gown. Once I had the invitations sent, everything else changed.

I woke up early on Saturday, August 17th. Was it my wedding day? I wasn’t nervous at all. I had finished packing for my honeymoon. I had my haircut and added some final touches. I was sure that my hairstyle and makeup were perfect.

My wedding started at 4:00 P.M. When my mother, sibling, and myself arrived at church, the ceremony was supposed to start. The time was approaching four. I was waiting at the church for my father to walk me down the aisle. Someone came into the room and said that there was no groom. No groom was in sight. I had no idea where he was. The wedding was about to begin, but there was still no groom. The prize for the most nervous bride was mine.

My mother told my guests that a slight delay was expected. Now it was 4:30 P.M. but there was no groom. I began to get worried. My mother told me “He won’t be coming. He’s changed his decision”. My nerves were rattling by this time.

He was 45 minutes late. It seemed an eternity. He was halfway to church when he got a flat. He was so late and nervous that he kissed me without lifting the veil. We gave our top cake layer away at the wedding reception.

Both of us were still anxious and upset. While I waited to walk down, my fianc’s flat tire left him stranded. We both wondered what the other was thinking. We were finally at the altar and said, “I Do!”. Wedding days are special and mine was no exception.


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