CA Lawmaker Seeks Home School Oversight In Wake Of Captive Siblings Case; Government Shutdown Watch — And More Must-Reads From America’s 10 Biggest School Districts

CA Lawmaker Seeks Home School Oversight in Wake of Captive Siblings Case; Government Shutdown Watch — and More Must-Reads From America’s 10 Biggest School Districts

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Top Story

SHUTDOWN WATCH – As the deadline for avoiding a government shutdown approaches at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, all eyes are on the stalled negotiations regarding permanent protections for "Dreamers," young undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. by their parents. The Washington Post reports this morning that different factions are competing for approval from a president who acts impulsively and is prone to contradictions. President Trump’s tweets in the morning further complicate the situation. Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight predicts that although some activists and Democrats want to oppose any funding bill that doesn’t address immigration, leading to a potential shutdown, the Democrats lack the necessary votes. (Read at FiveThirtyEight)

National News

SUPERINTENDENTS – With frequent changes in leadership at the nation’s three largest school districts, experts agree that finding a good superintendent is a difficult task. (Read at

HEALTH – The Children’s Health Insurance Program is on the verge of being discontinued, and this has serious implications for education. (Read at Chalkbeat)

INFRASTRUCTURE – Lawmakers are urging President Trump to invest in public school infrastructure. (Read at Politics K-12)

"NET NEUTRALITY" – State attorneys general are suing to block the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality rules. (Read at Education Week)

SEX ED – Students are taking the opportunity to revamp sex education with a focus on consent. (Read at

District and State News

CALIFORNIA – A California lawmaker is pushing for increased oversight of homeschooling. (Read at The Mercury News)

PENNSYLVANIA – An opinion piece highlights concerns over school safety in Philadelphia and how disciplinary reform has possibly worsened the situation. (Read at

CALIFORNIA – A federal audit reveals problems with California’s calculations of graduation rates. (Read at LA Times)

NEW YORK – Federal officials reject New York’s testing waivers but give approval to its plan for evaluating schools. (Read at Chalkbeat)

ILLINOIS – Lawmakers are demanding faster internet access for rural schools. (Read at NPR Illinois)

NEW YORK – New York City will introduce more dual language options in pre-K to attract parents and promote diversity. (Read at Chalkbeat)

FLORIDA – South Florida schools competed for additional funding per student, but Broward lost out. (Read at WLRN)

NEVADA – The Clark County School District is hosting public meetings to gather input on the search for a new superintendent. (Read at KTNV)

Think Pieces

GRADING – An article argues against the necessity of grades for students. (Read at Education Week)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Ginni Rometty discusses how artificial intelligence will transform various jobs. (Read at The Wall Street Journal)

TEACHERS – Increasing diversity in the teaching profession can lead to greater diversity among future scientists. (Read at Hechinger Report)

Quote of the Day

"He’s confused on immigration. He’s being torn in so many different directions, and he hasn’t spent his entire life thinking about it. He’s spent most of his life thinking about making money." – Louise Sunshine, a former Trump Organization executive who has known the president for decades. (Read at The Washington Post)

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