Graduation Blues: How To Handle The Move Back Home

After four years of university and a year serving as a sabbatical officer on the students’ union, I find myself back at home, a reality that I never truly expected. Moving back after years of independence can be an overwhelming transition. However, there are ways to ease the process and make things more comfortable.

Firstly, it’s crucial to set boundaries with your family. As someone who has been away from home for an extended period, you may feel unsure about everyone’s expectations. A sit-down conversation with your family can help establish what each of you expects from one another. It could involve financial contributions or helping with household chores.

Another tip is to refresh your room by redecorating it. If you haven’t been there in years, it could have become a storage room or a shrine to your teenage years. Cleaning out your space and making it feel more personal can be a step towards feeling more comfortable in your new surroundings.

It’s also essential to reconnect with old friends, whether they live near or far. Even if you’re not living close to your university friends, it’s worth reconnecting with them by scheduling regular calls or meet-ups. This will help you stay connected to your past and ease the transition into your new phase of life.

Feeling down about this transition is normal, especially when the excitement of graduation diminishes. Seek solace and support from friends who are going through the same thing, and don’t be afraid to take them up on offers of crashing on their couch for a night or two.

It’s also critical not to compare yourself to others. The question of whether you’re living at home after graduation can be disheartening, but everyone’s journey is different. Instead, focus on taking your time to find your footing.

Another important consideration is having a vague sense of how long you might be living at home. Whether it’s a year or five years, it’s helpful to have a plan in place to avoid the feeling of being trapped. Planning for your future makes it easier to cope with the present.

Finally, make the most of your situation. Living at home can be a financial advantage, and it’s an opportunity to enjoy time with family members who can help with day-to-day tasks. These moments will be fleeting, so stay positive and cherish them while they last.


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