How Art Students Can Use Part Time Jobs To Launch Their Careers

If you’re pursuing or contemplating a degree in the arts, it’s likely that you’re not expecting to become wealthy. However, it’s important to consider how you’ll make a living in your field after graduation. Working a part-time job can provide additional income while also improving your chances of success in the arts.

Generally, there are two ways that artists manage their finances: by finding a profitable side gig to support their art-making or by earning money through art-related business. Understanding these options while still in school can significantly increase your employability upon graduation.

Some German art schools offer a dual education program that combines periods of art study with an apprenticeship in a technical skill such as welding or metal casting. This provides students with a useful skill that can either lead to art-making or support it financially.

Even if you’re not attending a German art school, you can still take advantage of the resources your university or college has to offer. Learning skills such as welding or film editing can be challenging after graduation, so it’s worth exploring these opportunities during your studies.

Additionally, students should consider part-time jobs that may not be directly related to their degree. For example, sound artist John Hughes works for the London Underground to support his art-making. Likewise, Central St Martins graduate Noah Angell works as a freelance video editor to supplement his art earnings.

Alternatively, finding freelance work or working as an assistant for an artist can provide valuable experience while also earning income. Newcastle student Eddy Robinson found a job as an artist’s assistant and has made connections that may lead to future work.

In summary, while making a living in the arts can be challenging, working a part-time job and considering various financial options can improve your chances of success.


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