James Michael Furyk: Life And Career

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Jim Furyk- Bio, Age

Family – wife

Height, weight, and Measurements

Additional Facts

Jim Furyk is a veteran American golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He has won many titles in his career. Jim Furyk has been a PGA Tour golfer for many years and won several titles. Jim Furyk is a FedEx Cup Champion. He also holds a 58-shot score, the lowest ever in the PGA Tour’s history.

Jim Furyk- Bio and AgeJames Micheal Furyk born May 12 1970, West Chester Pennsylvania. His mother’s family is of Polish and Czech descent, while his father’s side has Hungarians and Ukrainians. Jim learned to play golf from his father, a Uniontown Country Club Head Pro. While he grew up in Pittsburgh, his high school years in Manheim Township were in Lancaster County. As a student, he competed in golf tournaments to the point where he earned a title of state champion. Jim Furyk attended the University of Arizona in Tucson after graduating in 1988. Jim Furyk, who was a successful golfer at the time, continued his winning ways by leading the Wildcats team to their only NCAA championship in 1992. He was named All-American two times. The Nike Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic was won by Jim Furyk in 1993, after he turned professional. Jim Furyk joined the PGA Tour back in 1994. Between 1998 and 2003 he won atleast one tournament a year. He was ranked second in the Official World Golf Ranking for his winning streak, behind only “Tiger Woods.”

Jim suffered a career setback when he was knocked out of top-100 money list for a poor performance in 2004, in which he only took part in fourteen events due to cartilage surgery. He was back in top form by 2006 when he won his first Vardon Trophy in his career and finished second in the money list. Nine top-3s, 2 victories, 13 Top 10 finishes and 4 second places are among his statistics. Jason Dufner overtook Jim in the 2013 PGA Championship final, despite Jim holding a 1-stroke lead.

Jim Furyk has a happy marriage. He met Tabitha during the Memorial Tournament of 1995. Jim says Tabitha was his focus while he and his friends were playing around on the green. He confesses to being shy when he first met her or said hello. Her boss Ray’ happened to be interviewing him right at the time that he considered making a move toward her. Ray noted that Jim seemed to be unable to decide whether he wanted Tabitha or not. He introduced them both, kicking off a relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. After dating for more than four years, they married in 2000. They have two beautiful children. Caleigh, their daughter, was born on February 22, 2002. Tanner, their son, was born on April 24, 2004.

Height, weight, measurementsEvery sport has its own body requirements that players must meet if they want to have a successful and long career. Even though a sport like golf is geared more towards power and skill, an extra inch or two of height can help an athlete. Jim Furyk boasts a height and weight above average, at 6 feet two inches (1.9 m).

Additional Facts

He had been on a losing streak for a few years, but he was able to come back strong and win three tournaments in 2010, a record.

In 2015, he was forced to withdraw from the game for the first time since 1995 due to an injury on his wrist.

In his golfing career, he has been close to winning even more titles.

He is known for “underturning” his hips when making a backswing and “overturning” them as he comes down. Gary McCord believes Jim Furyk’s image is that of “a one arm golfer using an iron to kill snakes in a booth.”


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