London South Bank: Find Your Perfect Course

Attending a university can provide advantages when it comes to choosing your desired career path. However, what if you are unsure about your career aspirations, it’s too late to enroll in a degree program, or if you do not have the necessary grades to qualify for your desired course?

At London South Bank University (LSBU), changing your mind about your course is acceptable, thanks to the Clearing process. This process involves finding a degree course that matches both your interests and academic performance. As a result, you may find yourself studying a subject you never considered before. However, changing your academic path does not mean that your career plans have to alter.

Studying a specific discipline is not a guarantee that you are on a specific career path. LSBU’s survey of 2,000 adults shows that 24 percent of graduates realized that their degree subject was not relevant to their current employment. Nevertheless, pursuing a degree through Clearing can still pave the way to your ideal job. According to the survey, an estimated 20 percent of graduates are considering changing their career paths, compared to only 12 percent of non-degree holders.

Jamie McShane is testimony to this. He initially applied for business studies courses but didn’t meet the required grades. He then turned to the Clearing process and discovered LSBU’s BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, which he applied for in 2012. "The content of the Accounting and Finance course at LSBU appealed to me because it would still allow me to pursue my career in a business environment," says Jamie, who’s now about to begin his second year.

The process of switching to a different course through Clearing is much simpler than what most people anticipate, as confirmed by Jamie. LSBU goes to great lengths to provide its students with the support they need to make informed decisions.

In conclusion, if you’re exploring Plan B, don’t despair. View it as an opportunity to reconsider what you want to achieve and use university as a platform for making optimal career decisions, which could include previously unconsidered directions.


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