Pet Peeve: What Annoys Me The Most Or Why I Don’t Like Visiting Doctors

Everybody has their own personal frustrations. These things may not seem like a big deal to some, but it can cause blood pressure problems. My greatest pet peeve about the doctors is how long it takes to see them. It is so annoying and happens every time I visit the doctor. I believe that doctors have a responsibility to their patients and make them happy. That includes getting them into the office as fast as they can. My pet peeve essay concerns waiting in the doctor’s chair.

Receptionists schedule appointments in doctors offices. I am not sure why they give you an appointment time, even though it isn’t the exact time you will be seen by the doctor. Is it really necessary to give us a wrong time? I can’t remember ever having been called to see my doctor when I arrived at his office on time. Evidently, receptionists have to be able predict the time it takes for one client. They should plan appointments accordingly. I feel like they just try to fit people in without thinking about the timeframe. It is absurd. I just want to stay at home when I’m sick. While I cannot speak for others, it is not what I would enjoy to spend my time in a doctor’s office with other sick people. I don’t want to do that while I’m sick. I’m more tired and annoyed upon my return from the doctor’s office than I was when I arrived. It is important to be better than worse when you visit the doctor. This is a bad idea.

My time is also wasted sitting in a waiting room. It’s not as if I have no plans. There are other things I can do in my day than spending time at the doctors’ office. One example is that I must have a physical every year to be able to go to school. I don’t usually get sick so I always have other plans. I once had a 12:15 appointment with the doctor, but I had other plans for that day at 2:00. This was a huge mistake. I didn’t leave work until 2:30 in the morning so I had my plans canceled. This was very disappointing for me as the long waiting time made it difficult to get out of the office on time. I shouldn’t let a simple appointment with the doctor ruin my day.

This may seem minor and not seem to bother others. However, I find it annoying! This is one of the biggest things that I hate. We shouldn’t be required to wait more than 40-50 minutes for our doctor’s appointment. It’s insane! This subject makes my blood pressure go up a few notches. Scheduling appointments in a way that allows for extra time would work. This simple change will make a big difference. I hope that I one day will be able see a doctor in a clinic right away and not have to wait for ages.


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