Steroids In Basketball: Lebron James

LeBron is considered to be the greatest basketball player ever. LeBron has been considered one the most gifted and athletic basketball players of all time. All athletes have to learn to accept the fact their bodies will age over time and be less competitive. LeBron, however, is a different kind of athlete. LeBron James is just getting better with each passing year. There wasn’t much speculation back then about LeBron James’ physical abilities. He was a young, physical specimen. His abilities were not doubted until the Miama Era. LeBron had a lot of muscle and a great recovery time. He was able play all night without any rest. His doping was suspected immediately. Let’s examine the facts.

There are three main ways players can increase their physical abilities. These include steroids, blood doping, and hormones. The majority of people believe that steroids are used to enhance their physical strength and power. In basketball, steroids and peds are used to increase endurance, fat loss, recovery time and energy. While they may make you more powerful, it’s unlikely that you would use them for basketball. LeBron was more than a freakishly gifted athlete in Miami. He gained 25lbs of pure muscle. It was as if he was playing on a whole new level. This was when the suspicions began to grow. Lebron was moving faster even though draft class teammates and peers slowed him down. LeBron injured his ankle in a game and returned the following game as if nothing had happened. These were all things that people noticed. Side effects of HGH include muscle growth, hair loss, cramping, and other issues. LeBron displayed signs of these side effects, and the NBA was forced to investigate. In 2013, a Miami steroid clinic was investigated and found that a man named Paul had come in to purchase products for a LJ-named man. Rich Paul, LeBron James agent, is LJ. The clinic was also linked to many NFL, NBA, and MLB players who were caught with steroids. The clinic had a female worker who claimed her co-workers knew 100% that LJ is LeBron James. This was speculation. This was not the first time LeBron had used PEDs in his career. LeBron looked and played differently in 2014 than he did over the past few seasons. LeBron claimed he had lost weight and felt more confident, but people soon noticed that he wasn’t the same person. He was less explosive and stronger than he was a year ago. This seems normal as athletes age and become slower. However, it was also the time that the NBA was trying to reform its testing for steroids and PEDs. LeBron may have been trying to get rid all of the performance-enhancing drugs that he used over the years. LeBron took a two-week vacation in Miami to refresh and rejuvenate himself during the Cavaliers’ struggling season. He may have needed the rest, but he returned more energetic and focused than ever.

LeBron may be accused of spending 1. Some may argue that LeBron spends 1. LeBron is considered to be a freakishly talented player, but most professional athletes do not. Pro athletes also spend a lot of time on their health. LeBron is the only player who can play 82 games and leads the league in minutes and averages better than any other player in his career without sustaining even minor injuries. This seems suspicious. It is important to clarify that PEDs or steroids don’t make you a great basketball player, but they can make you stand out from the rest. While you may be thinking that LeBron would have been banned for doping, think again.

There are two types of drug testing, urine and blood. The NBA prefers urine testing. To detect PEDs in athletes, the laboratory must first know the drug’s exact composition and its metabolites. A lab can only detect a PED if it is known to exist. If a PED is unknown or untested, the test would fail.

Designer drugs, also known as PEDs are made to pass these tests. Designer drugs can be improved on constantly to stay ahead of the curve. Money is an incredible power. It is possible to tailor a drug for your needs. The NBA has the worst drug testing protocols and testing protocol of any professional sport. Only 6 NBA players were caught with PEDs in the past ten years. In that time, 43 MLB members were found to have used PEDs. 29 NFL players were also caught using PEDs during 2014.

Pro athletes are likely to be caught using PEDs because of the high stakes. People forget that LeBron, despite his apparent immunity to aging, is still a human being. I doubt the NBA would do anything to stop LeBron from using PEDs. LeBron is a legend. He has a huge amount of revenue and is an ideal role model. A great leader to his team, a man of integrity, and an excellent father to his children. He has never been involved in any off-court issues over the past 15 years. He is as valuable to the league as his team. The NBA should not try to ruin his career. The NBA simply doesn’t have enough of him. It doesn’t really matter to me if he uses PEDs. The NBA is entertainment at its core. We don’t go to see a bunch of scrubs at the gym, we want to see people who can move fast and are athletic. What really matters behind the scenes if we are entertained?


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