The Importance Of Physical Fitness: Body And Mind

People come and go all year. People plan for the new year at every new start of a new year. This is an essential part of planning their entire year. Do you still have the same New Year resolutions all year long? Do you dream of having the perfect body? Every year, I always write down my New Year’s resolution. I always say to myself “Annie the New Year is coming. Please make sure that you accomplish all of your new-year resolutions by this time.”

In the past, after graduating from high-school, sports and fitness were not on my agenda. It is clear that I do not enjoy sports or fitness. Who likes to sweat in the heat and dirt?

I have always made it a point to make a new year’s resolution that I would be healthy and stay lean. My first workout was in 2017. It was very difficult and tiring. Although I was very tired, I would tell myself to keep going.

The phrase “How you do something determines the way you live your everyday life” has been a mantra in my family for many years. It took me countless hours of research online and in the fitness gym. I also met and observed thousands of other people.

They love to talk about and discuss their fitness and their sports techniques. Also, don’t forget famous celebrity dieting. Several things made me more clear on my fitness journey.

To be honest, it is tiring to go to the gym all by yourself. I wanted to lose weight, but going to the gym alone was exhausting.

When I was scrolling through YouTube or Pinterest one day, a news post caught my eye. The message reads, “Fear not, just do it, and overcome it.” I then decided to research more about different diets and workouts suitable for my body type.

As I don’t work with a professional trainer, it is hard to know if what I read online is true. But I did find a few useful fitness tricks and tips for beginners. As I do not have a professional trainer at my gym, I go through the fitness journey with Google.

I was also inspired by the idea to go on a workout alone. So, without hesitation, I did. I immediately registered for a session at the gym and was initially scared, because I had not been exercising and my body has become less flexible.

The gym has a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, exercise bikes, cross trainers, etc., that are unfamiliar to me.

As I was working out, I thought “Wow!” Annie, let’s go! Let’s head to the fitness center and work towards your ideal shape.” I used the equipment for 3 hours, believing that it was my ideal form. Just by imagining it, I said, “Yes, it’s worth it.”

Despite the fact that I dislike sweating, I enjoy how exercise can relax me and help eliminate stress from different platforms. Regular exercise and the right diet are key to my health. I would not have to go through such a difficult fitness journey.

Fit people can handle the challenges they face and will not be affected even by drastic changes.

My opinion is that fitness refers not only to a physical state but also to one’s mental condition. A physically fit person, who is also mentally ill or disturbed, will not be capable of functioning optimally. Being physically fit means making a lot of changes to your daily life, including your eating, sleeping, and health routines.

You can continue from the point above, to become both physically and emotionally healthy, it is important to do cardio exercises regularly and to eat a healthier diet by avoiding soft drinks, junk food, smoking and alcohol.

After all that, seeing my perfect body progress slowly is worth it. My body clock constantly reminds me that I need to get back into working out.

I understand that sweating is embarrassing, whether you’re at school, work or spending a day in the city. The stench and sweat marks can be embarrassing, but they are good for your body and health. Sweating helps you release stress and is good for your body.

A mentor of mine once told me that one liter of perspiration in our body can improve our immune systems and provide us with healthy-looking skin. “Sweating protects the skin and body from overheating.” Sweating increases blood circulation, according to Dr. Adebola Del-Michael.

After a period of rest, you suddenly start a rigorous workout regimen. You body will not accept it so quickly as your alarm hasn’t been triggered yet. Once your body alarm is activated, it will not make you feel tired anymore.

It is how I saw my fitness journey. As mentioned earlier, people have different bodies shapes and not all exercises will suit you. You should only do the ones that you feel comfortable doing. You can trust me!

You can’t achieve what you wish, but you can work to get it. Keep going and don’t make excuses to get your ideal body.


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