The Importance Of The Process Of Choosing A Career Path

The decision to choose a career is one of our biggest decisions. It involves deciding what we would like to be when we grow up.

People often choose their career path because of what their parents do or that they excel in a certain subject. Not only do you need the technical or academic skills to succeed in a particular career, but you must also be the right personality and learn well.

You can set goals for your career and create a plan to get there by choosing a path. It is important to assess your abilities, talents and pursuits. You may also need help from others to determine your career path.

By choosing a career, you are able to see your future goals. It can help you decide what positions you’d like to take to reach the income you desire. You can use it to help build your own personal and professional network in the industry you’re interested. The hardest part of choosing a career is deciding what you want to do.

We want to ensure that our students make good decisions about their future career. After all, a career means more than earning an income. It is about following the true essence of life.

A career choice is one of your most important life decisions. This is about more than deciding how to make money. The cost of a successful career is both time and cash. The cost of books and tuition can be over $1,000 for a person who spends years in school. In order to find the best career for you, it is important to do some career research and then take a look at the career assessments. This paper compares career options for video game editors and geneticists.

Prior to choosing this career, you should research all the aspects of it. Many people would like to know what the job entails. They would also want to know what training or education they need to do it, as well as the daily activities that they would perform. O*Net has the majority of answers to these questions. The O*Net suggests that a games-editor should be composed of 22 distinct tasks. Designers should first balance and adapt gameplay skills so that the products are commercially and critically a success (2019). O*Net suggests that another task is for designers to give feedback to colleagues and fellow designers about game design. Lastly, the designers must create core properties of games such as role-playing methods, storylines, character biographies and video game franchises (2019).

O*Net found that video game editors may require technical knowledge of several software programs. This includes photo and graphics imaging software, video creation software and editing, development environment software and video creation software. A designer must also possess other basic skills. A designer must have the ability to program, think critically, listen actively, and solve complex problems. A career in editing requires a variety of skills and knowledge. O*Net recommends that a graphic designer be educated about psychology, design, computers and electronic devices, as well media and communications. Some of these skills are likely to be acquired through college. This type of profession is dominated by people with bachelor’s and associate’s degrees.

It appears that the employment trend in editing is positive. O*Net states that the average games editor earns in Texas $16.80/hour, which is in line with the national standard. Designers aged 10-19 earn compensation between &60.561, and those over 20 earn compensation around 62.120$. The projections for Texas jobs are 19,960 in 2012 and 17,240 by 2016. It is estimated that 15,000 jobs will be created annually in Texas by 2016.

After doing some research, I think this is a job that interests me. It is important to answer a few questions before deciding on this career. These questions can be answered easily once I am in the workforce. We’ll just have to see.

My second choice of career to explore is very different than the video game developer. It is my interest to become a geneticist that has grown. AKA You picked me. Career assessment requires research.

O*Net lists three tasks that geneticists should be able to perform: evaluate, treat, or diagnose genetic conditions; review, approve, or interpret genetic laboratory results; and monitor laboratory notebooks that keep records of research procedures, methods, or outcomes (2019). O*Net lists geneticists as performing three tasks, including: evaluating, treating, or diagnosing genetic conditions; reviewing, approving, or interpreting genetic laboratory results; or monitoring laboratory notebooks, which record research procedures and methods (2019).

They should be able to demonstrate a wide range of skills. They must be able to speak, think critically, read comprehension and have active learning skills. Also, the job requires technical skills in medical, spreadsheet or scientific software.

It is easy to see the similarities between video game editors and geneticists. The two careers share a common tool: Microsoft Word. Both careers require active listening and a good understanding of psychology. Both careers could offer college graduates a variety of job opportunities, as they are expected to grow by over 10% in the next 10 years.

Both careers appear to be more different than similar. The first is that a videogame editor needs to have knowledge of psychology, design and biology. Geneticists also need to know medicine, dentistry and biology (O*Net, 2018). Geneticists need post-doctoral experience, including a PhD, while video games editors require a Bachelor’s degree.

According to my research, I have concluded that becoming a videogame editor could be a very interesting career. According to the projections, a 16 percent growth rate over a 10-year period should make it easier to find work. It is my opinion that the daily tasks of a job would be enjoyable for me.

This paper concluded by examining two different careers in terms of skills, knowledge and educational requirements, as well as tasks and opportunities for job growth. This research also explored the career choices from different perspectives and included comparing them. I was able to gain enough confidence after researching the careers that I chose Video Game Editor as my favorite career.


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