The Positive Effects Of Walking

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Walking Facts

Walking has many physical benefits:

Walking has many benefits for the mind.

Studies about walking:

Globally, Non-Communicable illnesses like diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate. The trend of obesity, which is correlated with a decline in physical activity, contributes to these diseases. The only way to reduce obesity is by walking.

Walking is an exercise that should be done by all age groups. Today, doctors recommend people to walk regularly for good mental and physical well-being. These are some facts regarding walking.

Walking 20 minutes extra per day can burn up to seven pounds per year.

Weight loss is best achieved by walking for at least 40 minutes a day, at a pace of 60% maximum heartbeat.

It is recommended that you walk for 20 minutes at 80% max heart rate.

Walking is good for your health. Walking for 30 minutes a day can help you maintain optimum health. The body’s stamina is also increased. Other health benefits include:

Increased body metabolism

Stretching and improving posture

Cancer risk reduction

Diabetes prevention and control is made easier with this product

Strengthening bones and muscle

Back pain relief is possible with this treatment

Benefits of Walking for Mental Health:Walking has benefits not only to the physical but also mental health. It can improve mood, lower stress, and reduce depression. It can also improve a person’s self-esteem, confidence and level of self-esteem. It is possible to make new friends by taking a walk in a group with your friends. Walking in the lush greenery of nature can also improve your spirit. Mental benefits include

Sleep quality can be improved

Cognitive functions are improved

Stress can reduce anxiety

Potentially improving memory by increasing Hippocampus size and prefrontal lobes

Walking research: A study done on 400000 individuals who walk 15 minutes each day with brisk speed has shown significant health benefits. This also increased life expectancy by three years.

The approximate number of calories you burn (rough estimate).

If you want to know how many calories are burned by walking at a leisurely pace (2mph), divide your weight by 0.49. For an brisk pace (3.5mph), multiplied by 0.57.


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