The Power Of Authenticity, Integrity And Sincerity

This observation is contradicted by authenticity, which encourages self-reflection to help one understand their true selves and to stay true to them. So, authenticity is being honest with oneself. To be genuine, you must make choices that reflect your true self. Your nominal self is what you are. It’s the part of yourself that reflects your inner feelings and desires, unaffected by social expectations. The society influences our values as well as our opinions. Therefore, authenticity cannot be apolitical.

Integrity is the ability to maintain unwavering moral convictions and to be faithful to your ethical paradigm. Integrity means being honest. It is about having actions that match your words. Authenticity is not just about adhering your moral code. A person who wants to be authentic must not just adhere to their moral code but also follow the steadfast principles they hold. In addition, unlike integrity and morality, authenticity does not require a person to follow their steadfast beliefs.

Sincerity means being truthful, so you can deal with others honestly. It’s also a way to show that someone is blindly obeying societal norms. While sincerity and honesty are often mistaken, they have important differences. Sincerity emphasizes being honest with yourself in order to maintain healthy social relationships.

In authenticity, the person decides based on their feelings and introspection, while in autonomy they critically evaluate all relevant information. For example, in autonomy, if someone who loves painting decides that engineering is the best undergraduate degree for him/her after reviewing his/her options, then this person is autonomous. This is due to the fact that the degree chosen does not represent him.

Sincerity and authenticity are virtues in themselves. Authenticity and sincerity may be a form of selfishness but they are still good for people because it makes them live their lives according to what they believe in. We only live once. This is a weak characteristic that cannot define someone’s moral character. Authneticity needs to be bolstered with other qualities such as honesty and sincerity in order to make sure that the values of a person are both altruistic and self-serving.


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