UCF Student Population Reaches Record High

UCF, also known as the University of Central Florida, is a renowned public research university located in Orlando, Florida. With its stunning campus, diverse student body, and wide range of academic programs, UCF has become a top choice for students seeking higher education. In recent years, the university has experienced significant growth, with a particularly notable increase in enrollment. In this article, we will explore the number of UCF students and how this statistic reflects the university’s continued success and impact on higher education.

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Exploring the Number of UCF Students in HTML Format

When it comes to higher education, University of Central Florida (UCF) is one of the top choices for many individuals. Located in Orlando, Florida, UCF offers a wide range of academic programs and has been consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the state.

But just how many students are enrolled in UCF? In this article, we will dive into the numbers and explore the diversity of the student population at UCF. Through the use of HTML format, we will provide a visual representation of the statistics and data.

To begin with, according to UCF’s website, the university has a total enrollment of over 68,000 students for the Fall 2021 semester. This number includes both undergraduate and graduate students, making UCF the second largest university in the country by enrollment.

Undergraduate Students

The vast majority of students at UCF are pursuing undergraduate degrees. In the Fall 2021 semester, there were approximately 59,500 undergraduate students enrolled at UCF. This number has been steadily increasing over the years, with a 4% increase from the previous year.

When it comes to undergraduate students, the gender ratio is almost evenly split, with 51% female students and 49% male students. This shows that UCF has a diverse student body, with equal representation from both genders.

Furthermore, UCF prides itself on being an inclusive and diverse community. The university has a high percentage of minority students, with about 41% of undergraduate students identifying as non-white. This includes 20% Hispanic/Latino, 10% Black or African American, and 6% Asian students.

In terms of academic majors, the largest number of undergraduate students at UCF are enrolled in the College of Sciences, followed by the College of Business and the College of Engineering and Computer Science. This highlights the university’s strength in STEM fields and its commitment to providing top-notch education in these areas.

Graduate Students

UCF also has a significant number of graduate students, with over 8,500 enrolled in the Fall 2021 semester. This number includes students pursuing master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees.

The gender ratio among graduate students is similar to that of undergraduate students, with 51% female students and 49% male students. However, there is a higher percentage of minority students in the graduate student population, with about 48% identifying as non-white.

One interesting fact about UCF’s graduate students is that 90% of them are enrolled in programs within the College of Graduate Studies. This shows the university’s dedication to providing advanced education and research opportunities to its students.

International Students

UCF is also home to a large number of international students, with over 6,000 students from different countries studying on campus. This diverse community of students contributes to the cultural richness of UCF and provides an international perspective to the academic environment.

The top countries of origin for international students at UCF are China, India, and Saudi Arabia. These students primarily pursue degrees in business, engineering, and computer science, making them valuable additions to the university’s academic programs.

Furthermore, UCF offers a range of resources and support for international students, such as the Global UCF program which helps international students transition to studying in the United States.

Online Students

In addition to its on-campus students, UCF also has a large number of online students. In the Fall 2021 semester, there were over 9,400 students enrolled in fully online programs. This number continues to grow as more students opt for online education due to its flexibility and convenience.

The majority of UCF’s online students are pursuing undergraduate degrees, with about 80% enrolled in online bachelor’s programs. The most popular majors among online students include nursing, psychology, and health-related professions.

UCF’s online programs have been highly ranked by publications such as U.S. News & World Report, solidifying the university’s reputation for providing quality education both on campus and online.

How Many Students at UCF?

If you’re still wondering about the exact number of students at UCF, we can’t provide an exact figure. This is because the university’s enrollment numbers continually fluctuate, with new students enrolling each semester and others graduating.

However, UCF updates its enrollment statistics on its website regularly, making it easy to stay updated on the number of students at the university. Additionally, the Office of Institutional Knowledge Management provides detailed data and reports on enrollment, demographics, and other relevant information about UCF’s student population.

If you’re interested in learning more about UCF’s enrollment numbers, you can also check out the University of Chicago Journals website. A research article titled “A View from Naples: How Many Students at UCF?” provides in-depth analysis and comparisons of UCF’s enrollment numbers with other universities in the state and country.

How Many Students at UCF?


In conclusion, the number of students at UCF is impressive and continually growing, with over 68,000 enrolled in the Fall 2021 semester. This includes undergraduate and graduate students, international students, and online students, making UCF a diverse and inclusive community.

Through the use of HTML format, we have been able to visually showcase the statistics and data about UCF’s student population. It is clear that UCF has a strong academic reputation, as seen through its high enrollment numbers and rankings in various fields.

Whether you’re a current or prospective UCF student, this information provides valuable insights into the university’s demographics and strengths. We hope this article has provided a comprehensive understanding of the number of students at UCF. Keep an eye on the university’s website for the latest enrollment updates and stay connected with the UCF community.

In conclusion, the number of UCF students has continued to rise over the years, reflecting the university’s growing reputation and popularity. With a diverse student population and a wide range of academic programs, UCF has established itself as a top choice for higher education. As the university continues to expand and innovate, the number of students is expected to increase even further. This growth is a testament to UCF’s commitment to providing quality education and opportunities for students to thrive. As we look towards the future, it is clear that UCF will continue to be a leading institution in higher education with a diverse and talented student body.


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